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Motion Designer : Veronica Veron

We've got your back!

Back pocket’s idea made us super excited. Asides the radiant colours and love their product was portraying, backpocket was innovative and fresh. 


Everyone wants to receive or give a gift sometime in their lives. Whether it’s for birthdays or thanksgiving or New Year’s Day, it can become a chore though. Especially when there are lots of other things to do. 


Backpocket is the most innovative way to show love. 


The backpocket app simplifies the process of choosing the best gift and getting it delivered. 


Backpocket wanted to get people to use backpocket for Christmas gifting. 


Back Pocket is the gifting platform people didn’t know they needed —a Christmas dream come through! E-commerce Santa!! Our goal was to make people realize this. 

Brand Launch

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Concept

Art Direction

Video Production

Social Media Strategy

Content Creation


What we did


We created a video  campaign that showed how backpocket was the easy option for custom gifting. 


After a long year of endless zoom calls and work, everyone wanted to unwind during Christmas and still be able to send gifts to their loved ones. Back pocket made it easier. We portrayed the convenience of backpocket in the video ads and showcased the seamless process. 




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