Video by Essy Imosili

Self-love is Valentine Worthy!

Because of how successful the Christmas campaign was, Backpocket came back to us for another campaign for Valentine’s Day. 


Valentine’s Day is all about love and gifts for other people but Backpocket wanted to explore an uncharted idea —the self love campaign. 


The goal of the campaign was to increase awareness about the impact of showing one’s self-love through gifts. They wanted people to see Backpocket as the best way to gift themselves.  

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Concept

Art Direction

Content Strategy

Content Creation


What We Did

We partnered with founder, Lily Akagbosu to create a campaign strategy that summed up the pillars of their brand messaging together with the self love title of the campaign. 


We portrayed different forms  of self love and self care. Backpocket’s gifting topped the list. The key performance indicators for the self love Valentine were met and exceeded.