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Video & Photo Credits: Photographer Annita Kayiba Photography

Schoolgirl to Boss Babe!

Classy women want everything about them to speak of luxury and elegance. They want to feel that way too. And so, BFW wanted to create that feeling in every woman. 


BFW was once known as the go-to "school girl" hair shop. More about functionality. After a while, BFW came back to us wanting to transition from a school girl brand to a luxury brand for girls and women who want to look classic and elegant.


They didn’t want just a functional product. They wanted us to help them transition to a luxury brand for high-earned customers. 


“We know how essential hair is to the confidence of every girl and we wanted to make every girl hold her head up high as they were putting on something that defined them.” 

- BFW Founder 

Rebrand  Strategy 

Brand Identity

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Concept

Art Direction

What we did: 


We used brand messaging that changed the brand to targeting women who valued their luxury and wanted to invest in being beautiful. 


We did a rebrand that focused on the brand identity. We changed the colours and brand elements to give the luxurious feel we wanted. 


Rich, minimal and earthy Colors suited the luxurious font and we reinvented the product photography to portray beauty, class and sleek.  We wanted to portray high value and sell the feeling of belonging to an elite class. 


We essentially focused on a rebrand social media campaign because we knew that was what would resonate well with their target audience. 


After organising detailed research on the audience we were transitioning to, we started the social media campaign.


To emphasise the luxurious transformation every BFW wig gives, we created a campaign with a series of videos which were to be put out on social media. 


 The campaign featured different women putting on luxury wigs and walking confidently. The transformation was evident and their smiles were wider as a result. 

It was nothing short of magical and authentic. The results were evident and not engineered and that was the showstopper. 


Sophistication in every sense of the word was our guide. We used the analogy of less as more to infuse the sleekness of minimalism into every element of the campaign.




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