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Dare to be BOLD!

Everyone finishes their look with lipgloss— but we don’t realise how much our lipgloss can influence us. 


Debawks collection uncovers the gem beyond the gorgeousness of every lipstick. 


Debawks creates audacious lipgloss. The shine and gloss of every lipgloss ignite the passion to be confident and bold. Debawks was building an army of daring and dauntless people. 


But when the pandemic struck, lipsticks were thrown into forgotten corners as there was nowhere to go. The daring army was beginning to cower. Creators lost the inspiration to create. 


Debawks wanted to change the narrative. They wanted to inspire young creators to get off the coldness and create content with a lip gloss that defines who they are. 


Debawks engaged our team for a campaign. Our goal was to inspire people to be bold again. To create. To live amidst the chaos. And to step out of their comfort zones, with their looks.

Campaign  Strategy 

Campaign Concept

Art Direction

Influencer Marketing

What we did:


 We created a campaign that everyone could relate to. We understood the need for an emotional connection at a crucial time like the pandemic. So we wanted to reassure people that they weren’t alone. 


We developed a brand message that communicated how much a box of bold lipgloss could inspire you to create. 


We wanted to reach out to people who had long stopped creating and showing up. So we targeted the videos to content creators and influencers. 


We made a video that was different from the typical lip modelling everyone was used to. We offered physical creative direction for the video ad. We even went ahead to show how much everyone needed motivation by using actual friends for the video- it showed real emotion. Genuine people who understood and embodied the campaign. 


We also partnered with influencers. We wanted to show instead of telling people to be bold. We spoke to Xoreni and Thealmachronicles, two creators who resonated with the campaign and they created more because of the lipglosss.

“With this campaign, we weren’t just creating to sell. We were creating something we all needed. That push and drive to be bold and create. Hence the tag, “Dare to be bold.” 


The campaign yielded lots of results. Asides the vanity metrics of liking and sharing the video because it resonated very well with our target audience, we saw massive sales of the lip glosses. In two weeks after the campaign, we sold out on all the lip glosses and had people requesting for more of them. 


Asides the sales, we saw lots of people going ahead to create. From unboxing videos to dress up videos, we saw the transformation from timid people to bold and creative. 


This campaign aims to create awareness about the new lipgloss collection and sell out 20 lip glosses at pre-order and a total of 45 lip-glosses two months after the official release.




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