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One-Stop Hair Shop!

Loc girls don’t tell you how much time goes into nurturing their hair, keeping it beautiful, natural and luscious. 


With lots of brands focusing on hair extensions and faux hair, locsnco found a niche that was untapped. They were the major retail store for all things locs and hair care. However, Locsnco needed to transition from a physical store to a digital brand. 


They wanted to reach a wider audience and help more women care for their hair. 


They wanted a social media starter pack. 

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Social Media Strategy

Art Direction


What we did:


 We paid attention to every part of the brand and developed a strategy to work with. 


This included reassessing every part of their brand and tweaking or changing the brand’s identity to suit the digital world and enhance the digital experience of their audience. We needed to tell their story in a way that drew people to them and that involved being clear about their messaging pillars and creating a brand guide to work with. 


We didn’t want to focus on just selling their products. We wanted to create a community of people that loved and rooted for the brand. We did this by focusing on creating meaningful and user-focused campaign content. 


“The Herculean Media totally transformed my brand. I literally gave them my brand and they partnered with me to create a brand that people love and that I love as well. The process was enlightening and innovative as well.”


-CEO of Locsnco 




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