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Ten Steps to Take to Maximize Your Impact on Multiple Social Media Platforms

There are so many voices currently preaching the importance of having your brand present on as many platforms as you can be. It’s overwhelming, and you are probably wondering where to start.

Here’s a quick and easy guide: Ten steps to effectively use multiple social media platforms for your brand:

  1. Make a list of all the platforms you know, and you’ve heard about, including your website and mailing list.

  2. Research each of those platforms - Ask questions like - what type of audience are on the forum? How does it work? How do you reach your audience on that platform?

  3. Create profiles for your brand on each platform - Don’t just copy and paste the same bio and profile picture. See what works on each platform and make minor tweaks here and there. Keep uniform profiles across all platforms but adapt them according to the platform type.

  4. Create content - Post at least 2-3 of the types of content required on each platform. Usually, the first series of posts should be to establish your brand’s essence.

  5. Choose 2-3 platforms that cater most to the type of audience your brand needs - the platforms you’ll be most active.

  6. Create a workable content/social strategy and plan.

  7. Plan your content across these platforms - For active platforms, post more, and other media, try to post at least once a month. For instance, If you are most active on Instagram, post at least five times a week and if you are least active on your email list or LinkedIn, post at least once a month.

  8. Actively engage with your audience on your major platforms and encourage them to follow you on all other platforms.

  9. Try to be personable with as many audiences as you can to make your brand memorable. People relate better to authenticity.

  10. Be consistent on all the platforms - even if you are posting once a month, be consistent.

Finally, do an excellent job for your clients. Referrals work like magic and are the best marketing strategy!

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